About Us

GIT Chemicals is one of the leading specialty and commodity chemical companies providing products beneficial to the end-users, raising the banner of high quality and social responsibility.

We supply clients and industrial sectors with innovative products sustainably designed to fit the demands of the growing KSA market.

In GIT Chemicals, we innovate and improve solutions for our clients by applying our high expertise in advanced materials and technology.

We are on the growth path enjoying preferred status with high-quality products and consistent customer satisfaction.


We are so proud that our company has improved its positive reputation through getting the ISO 9001 quality certificate.

Also, we have BQSR certification which is a globally recognized ISO Certification body, with a specialized wide pool of auditors and technical experts in each field.

Besides quality, GIT gives big care to safety and environmental issues as chemicals is the major emphasis for the company.


Our main warehouse is located at Dammam, very close to the Dammam Seaport.

The warehouse is equipped with all the state-of-the-art safety parameters in accordance with local and international standards.

Our in-house team is operating all equipment such as forklifts, trucks which facilitate performing the functions of offloading, loading, packaging, stacking, etc.

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